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$Id: hostedit.php,v 1.7 2004/12/17 16:47:23 gruberroland Exp $

  This code is part of LDAP Account Manager (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/lam)
  Copyright (C) 2003  Tilo Lutz

  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
  (at your option) any later version.

  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  GNU General Public License for more details.

  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

  LDAP Account Manager displays table for creating or modifying accounts in LDAP

// include all needed files
include_once('../../lib/account.inc'); // File with all account-funtions
include_once('../../lib/config.inc'); // File with configure-functions
include_once('../../lib/profiles.inc'); // functions to load and save profiles
include_once('../../lib/status.inc'); // Return error-message
include_once('../../lib/pdf.inc'); // Return a pdf-file
include_once('../../lib/ldap.inc'); // LDAP-functions

// Start session

// Redirect to startpage if user is not loged in
if (!isset($_SESSION['loggedIn'])) {

// Set correct language, codepages, ....

/* hostedit.php is using dynamic session varialenames so
* we can run several copies of hostedit.php at the same
* time
* $varkey is the dynamic part of the variable name
if (!isset($_POST['varkey'])) $varkey = session_id().time();
      else $varkey = $_POST['varkey'];
if (!isset($_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_new'])) $_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_new'] = new account();

// Register Session-Variables with references so we don't net to change to complete code if names changes
$account_new =& $_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_new'];
if (is_object($_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_old'])) $account_old =& $_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_old'];
$ldap_intern =& $_SESSION['ldap'];
$config_intern =& $_SESSION['config'];
$header_intern =& $_SESSION['header'];

// $_GET is only valid if hostedit.php was called from hostlist.php
if (isset($_GET['DN']) && $_GET['DN']!='') {
      // hostedit.php should edit an existing account
      // reset variables
      if (isset($_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_old'])) {
      $_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_old'] = new account();
      $account_old =& $_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_old'];
      // get "real" DN from variable
      $DN = str_replace("\'", '',$_GET['DN']);
      if ($_GET['DN'] == $DN) $DN = str_replace("'", '',$_GET['DN']);
      // Load existing host
      $account_new = loadhost($DN);
      // Get a copy of original host
      $account_old = $account_new;
      // Store only DN without uid=$name
      $account_new->general_dn = substr($account_new->general_dn, strpos($account_new->general_dn, ',')+1);
// Startcondition. hostedit.php was called from outside to create a new host
else if (count($_POST)==0) {
      // Create new account object with settings from default profile
      // Check if there are valid groups. Can not create user with no primary group
      $groups = findgroups();
      if (count($groups)==0) {
            // Write HTML-Header
            echo $header_intern;
            echo "<title>";
            echo _("Create new Account");
            echo "</title>\n".
                  "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"../../style/layout.css\">\n".
                  "<meta http-equiv=\"pragma\" content=\"no-cache\">\n".
                  "<meta http-equiv=\"cache-control\" content=\"no-cache\">\n".
            // Display errir-messages
            StatusMessage("ERROR", _("Can not create any hosts."),_("Please create a group first."));
            echo "<a href=../lists/listhosts.php>"._("Back to hostlist")."</a>\n";
            echo "</body></html>";
      $account_new = loadHostProfile('default');
      $account_new ->type = 'host';
      $account_new->smb_flags['W'] = 1;
      $account_new->general_homedir = '/dev/null';
      $account_new->general_shell = '/bin/false';

switch ($_POST['select']) {
      /* Select which page should be displayed. For hosts we have
      * only have general and finish
      * general = page with all settings for hosts
      * final = page which will be displayed if changes were made
      case 'general':
            if (!$_POST['load']) {
                  if (($account_new->general_username != $_POST['f_general_username']) &&  ereg('[A-Z]$', $_POST['f_general_username']))
                        $errors[] = array('WARN', _('Hostname'), _('You are using a capital letters. This can cause problems because not all programs are case-sensitive.'));
                  // Write all general values into $account_new if no profile should be loaded
                  $account_new->general_dn = $_POST['f_general_suffix'];
                  $account_new->general_username = $_POST['f_general_username'];
                  $account_new->general_uidNumber = $_POST['f_general_uidNumber'];
                  $account_new->general_group = $_POST['f_general_group'];
                  $account_new->general_gecos = $_POST['f_general_gecos'];
                  // Check if values are OK and set automatic values.  if not error-variable will be set
                  // Add $ to end of hostname if hostname doesn't end with "$"
                  if ( substr($account_new->general_username, strlen($account_new->general_username)-1, strlen($account_new->general_username)) != '$' ) {
                        $account_new->general_username = $account_new->general_username . '$';
                        $errors[] = array('WARN', _('Host name'), _('Added $ to hostname.'));
                  // Get copy of hostname so we can check if changes were made
                  $tempname = $account_new->general_username;
                  // Check if Hostname contains only valid characters
                  if ( !eregi('^([a-z0-9_]|[.]|[-]|[$])*$', $account_new->general_username))
                        $errors[] = array('ERROR', _('Host name'), _('Hostname contains invalid characters. Valid characters are: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and .-_ !'));

                  // Create automatic Hostname with number if original host already exists
                  // Reset name to original name if new name is in use
                  if (ldapexists($account_new, $account_old) && is_object($account_old))
                        $account_new->general_username = $account_old->general_username;
                  while ($temp = ldapexists($account_new, $account_old)) {
                        // Remove "$" at end of hostname
                        $account_new->general_username = substr($account_new->general_username, 0, $account_new->general_username-1);
                        // get last character of username
                        $lastchar = substr($account_new->general_username, strlen($account_new->general_username)-1, 1);
                        if ( !ereg('^([0-9])+$', $lastchar)) {
                              /* Last character is no number. Therefore we only have to
                              * add "2" to it.
                              $account_new->general_username = $account_new->general_username . '2$';
                        else {
                              /* Last character is a number -> we have to increase the number until we've
                              * found a hostname with trailing number which is not in use.
                              * $i will show us were we have to split hostname so we get a part
                              * with the hostname and a part with the trailing number
                              $mark = false;
                              // Set $i to the last character which is a number in $account_new->general_username
                              while (!$mark) {
                                    if (ereg('^([0-9])+$',substr($account_new->general_username, $i, strlen($account_new->general_username)-1))) $i--;
                                          else $mark=true;
                              // increase last number with one
                              $firstchars = substr($account_new->general_username, 0, $i+2);
                              $lastchars = substr($account_new->general_username, $i+2, strlen($account_new->general_username)-$i);
                              // Put hostname together
                              $account_new->general_username = $firstchars . (intval($lastchars)+1). '$';
                  // Show warning if lam has changed hostname
                  if ($account_new->general_username != $tempname)
                        $errors[] = array('WARN', _('Host name'), _('Hostname already in use. Selected next free hostname.'));
                  // Check if Name-length is OK. minLength=3, maxLength=20
                  if ( !ereg('.{3,20}', $account_new->general_username)) $errors[] = array('ERROR', _('Name'), _('Name must contain between 3 and 20 characters.'));
                  // Check if Name starts with letter
                  if ( !eregi('^([a-z]).*$', $account_new->general_username))
                        $errors[] = array('ERROR', _('Name'), _('Name contains invalid characters. First character must be a letter.'));
                  // Set gecos-field to hostname if it's empty
                  if ($account_new->general_gecos=='') {
                        $account_new->general_gecos = $account_new->general_username;
                        $errors[] = array('INFO', _('Gecos'), _('Inserted hostname in gecos-field.'));
                  // Check if UID is valid. If none value was entered, the next useable value will be inserted
                  $temp = explode(':', checkid($account_new, $account_old));
                  $account_new->general_uidNumber = $temp[0];
                  // true if checkid has returned an error
                  if ($temp[1]!='') $errors[] = explode(';',$temp[1]);
                  // Set Samba-Domain
                  if ($config_intern->is_samba3()) {
                        // Samba 3 used a samba3domain object
                        // Get all domains
                        $samba3domains = $ldap_intern->search_domains($config_intern->get_domainSuffix());
                        // Search the corrct domain in array
                        $i = 0;
                        while (!is_object($account_new->smb_domain) && isset($samba3domains[$i])) {
                              if ($_POST['f_smb_domain'] == $samba3domains[$i]->name)
                                    $account_new->smb_domain = $samba3domains[$i];
                              else $i++;
                  // Samba 2.2 uses only a string as domainname
                  else {
                        $account_new->smb_domain = $_POST['f_smb_domain'];
                        // Check if Domain-name is OK
                        if ((!$account_new->smb_domain=='') && !ereg('^([a-z]|[A-Z]|[0-9]|[-])+$', $account_new->smb_domain))
                              $errors[] = array('ERROR', _('Domain name'), _('Domain name contains invalid characters. Valid characters are: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and -.'));
                  // Reset password if reset button was pressed. Button only vissible if account should be modified
                  if ($_POST['respass']) {
            // Check object classes. Display warning if object classes were not found
            if (isset($account_old->general_objectClass)) {
                  if (!in_array('posixAccount', $account_old->general_objectClass)) $errors[] = array('WARN', _('ObjectClass posixAccount not found.'), _('Have to add objectClass posixAccount.'));
                  if ($config_intern->is_samba3()) {
                        if (!in_array('sambaSamAccount', $account_old->general_objectClass)) $errors[] = array('WARN', _('ObjectClass sambaSamAccount not found.'), _('Have to add objectClass sambaSamAccount. Host with sambaAccount will be updated.'));
                  else if (!in_array('sambaAccount', $account_old->general_objectClass)) $errors[] = array('WARN', _('ObjectClass sambaAccount not found.'), _('Have to add objectClass sambaAccount. Host with sambaSamAccount will be set back to sambaAccount.'));

      case 'finish':
            // Check if pdf-file should be created
            if ($_POST['outputpdf']) {

do { // X-Or, only one if() can be true
      // Reset account to original settings if undo-button was pressed
      if ($_POST['next_reset']) {
            $account_new = $account_old;
            $account_new->general_dn = substr($account_new->general_dn, strpos($account_new->general_dn, ',')+1);
      // Create-Button was pressed
      if ( $_POST['create'] && !isset($errors)) {
            // Create or modify an account
            if ($account_old) $result = modifyhost($account_new,$account_old);
             else $result = createhost($account_new); // account.inc
            if ($result==5 || $result==4) $select_local = 'general';
             else $select_local = 'finish';
      // Back to main-page
      if ($_POST['createagain']) {
            unset ($_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_new']);
            $_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_new'] = loadHostProfile('default');
            $account_new =& $_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_new'];
            $account_new ->type = 'host';
            $account_new->smb_flags['W'] = 1;
            $account_new->general_homedir = '/dev/null';
            $account_new->general_shell = '/bin/false';
      // Load Profile and reset all attributes to settings in profile
      if ($_POST['load']) {
            $account_new->general_dn = $_POST['f_general_suffix'];
            $account_new->general_username = $_POST['f_general_username'];
            $account_new->general_uidNumber = $_POST['f_general_uidNumber'];
            $account_new->general_group = $_POST['f_general_group'];
            $account_new->general_gecos = $_POST['f_general_gecos'];
            // load profile
            if ($_POST['f_general_selectprofile']!='') $values = loadHostProfile($_POST['f_general_selectprofile']);
            if (is_object($values)) {
                  while (list($key, $val) = each($values)) // Set only defined values
                        if (isset($val)) $account_new->$key = $val;
            $errors[] = array('INFO', _('Load profile'), _('Profile loaded.'));
      // Save Profile
      if ($_POST['save']) {
            // save profile
            if ($_POST['f_finish_safeProfile']=='')
                  $errors[] = array('ERROR', _('Save profile'), _('No profilename given.'));
            else {
                  if (saveHostProfile($account_new, $_POST['f_finish_safeProfile']))
                        $errors[] = array('INFO', _('Save profile'), _('New profile created.'));
                  else $errors[] = array('ERROR', _('Save profile'), _('Wrong profilename given.'));
      // Go back to listhosts.php
      if ($_POST['backmain']) {
            if (isset($_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_new'])) unset($_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_new']);
            if (isset($_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_old'])) unset($_SESSION['account_'.$varkey.'_account_old']);
      } while(0);
// Display main page if nothing else was selected
if (!isset($select_local)) $select_local = 'general';

// Write HTML-Header
echo $header_intern;
echo "<title>";
echo _("Create new Account");
echo "</title>\n".
      "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"../../style/layout.css\">\n".
      "<meta http-equiv=\"pragma\" content=\"no-cache\">\n".
      "<meta http-equiv=\"cache-control\" content=\"no-cache\">\n".
      "<form action=\"hostedit.php\" method=\"post\">\n".
      "<input name=\"varkey\" type=\"hidden\" value=\"".$varkey."\">\n";

// Display errir-messages
if (is_array($errors))
      for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($errors); $i++) StatusMessage($errors[$i][0], $errors[$i][1], $errors[$i][2]);

// print_r($account_new);

/* Select which part of page will be loaded
* Because hosts have very less settings all are
* on a single page. Only success-message is on a
* different page
switch ($select_local) {
      // general = startpage, all account paramters
      // finish = page shown after account has been created/modified
      case 'general':
            // General Account Settings
            // load list of all groups
            $groups = findgroups();
            // load list of profiles
            $profilelist = getHostProfiles();
            // Get List of all domains
            if ($config_intern->is_samba3()) $samba3domains = $ldap_intern->search_domains($config_intern->get_domainSuffix());

            // Why this ?? fixme
            if ($account_new->smb_flags['N']) echo '<input name="f_smb_flagsN" type="hidden" value="1">';

            // Show page info
            echo '<input name="select" type="hidden" value="general">';
            // Show fieldset with list of all host profiles
            if (count($profilelist)!=0) {
                  echo "<fieldset class=\"hostedit-dark\"><legend class=\"hostedit-bright\"><b>";
                  echo _("Load profile");
                  echo "</b></legend>\n<table border=0 width=\"100%\">\n<tr>\n<td width=\"50%\">";
                  echo "<select name=\"f_general_selectprofile\" >";
                  foreach ($profilelist as $profile) echo " <option>$profile</option>\n";
                  echo "</select>\n".
                        "<input name=\"load\" type=\"submit\" value=\""; echo _('Load Profile');
                  echo "\"></td><td width=\"30%\"></td><td width=\"20\"><a href=\"../help.php?HelpNumber=421\" target=\"lamhelp\">";
                  echo _('Help')."</a></td>\n</tr>\n</table>\n</fieldset>\n";
            // Show Fieldset with all host settings
            echo "<fieldset class=\"hostedit-bright\"><legend class=\"hostedit-bright\"><b>";
            echo _("General properties");
            echo "</b></legend>\n<table border=0 width=\"100%\">\n<tr>\n<td width=\"50%\">";
            echo _('Host name').'*';
            echo "</td>\n<td width=\"30%\">".
                  '<input name="f_general_username" type="text" size="20" maxlength="20" value="' . $account_new->general_username . '">'.
                  "</td><td width=\"20%\">".
                  '<a href="../help.php?HelpNumber=410" target="lamhelp">'._('Help').'</a>'.
            echo _('UID number');
            echo "</td>\n<td>".
                  '<input name="f_general_uidNumber" type="text" size="6" maxlength="6" value="' . $account_new->general_uidNumber . '">'.
                  '<a href="../help.php?HelpNumber=411" target="lamhelp">'._('Help').'</a>'.
            echo _('Primary group').'*';
            echo "</td>\n<td><select name=\"f_general_group\">";
            foreach ($groups as $group) {
                  if ($account_new->general_group == $group) echo '<option selected>' . $group. '</option>';
                  else echo '<option>' . $group. '</option>';
            echo '</select></td><td>'.
                  '<a href="../help.php?HelpNumber=412" target="lamhelp">'._('Help').'</a>'.
            echo _('Gecos');
            echo '</td><td><input name="f_general_gecos" type="text" size="30" value="' . $account_new->general_gecos . '">'.
                  '<a href="../help.php?HelpNumber=413" target="lamhelp">'._('Help').'</a>'.
            echo _('Password');
            echo '</td><td>';
            if (isset($account_old)) {
                  echo '<input name="respass" type="submit" value="';
                  echo _('Reset password'); echo '">';
            echo "</td></tr>\n<tr><td>";
            echo _('Domain');
            if ($config_intern->is_samba3()) {
                  // Get Domain-name from domainlist when using samba 3
                  echo '</td><td><select name="f_smb_domain">';
                  for ($i=0; $i<sizeof($samba3domains); $i++) {
                        if ($account_new->smb_domain->name) {
                              if ($account_new->smb_domain->name == $samba3domains[$i]->name)
                                    echo '<option selected>' . $samba3domains[$i]->name. '</option>';
                              else echo '<option>' . $samba3domains[$i]->name. '</option>';
                        else echo '<option>' . $samba3domains[$i]->name. '</option>';
                  echo '</select>';
            else {
                  // Display a textfield for samba 2.2
                  echo '</td>'."\n".'<td><input name="f_smb_domain" type="text" size="20" maxlength="80" value="' . $account_new->smb_domain . '">';
            echo  '</td>'."\n".'<td><a href="../help.php?HelpNumber=460" target="lamhelp">'._('Help').'</a></td></tr>'."\n<tr><td>";
            // Display all allowed host suffixes
            echo _('Suffix'); echo '</td><td><select name="f_general_suffix">';
            foreach ($ldap_intern->search_units($config_intern->get_HostSuffix()) as $suffix) {
                  if ($account_new->general_dn) {
                        if ($account_new->general_dn == $suffix)
                              echo '<option selected>' . $suffix. '</option>';
                        else echo '<option>' . $suffix. '</option>';
                  else echo '<option>' . $suffix. '</option>';
            echo '</select></td><td><a href="../help.php?HelpNumber=463" target="lamhelp">'._('Help').'</a>'.
            echo _('Values with * are required');
            echo "</fieldset>\n";
            // Show fieldset with modify, undo and back-button
            echo "<fieldset class=\"hostedit-bright\"><legend class=\"hostedit-bright\"><b>";
            if ($account_old) echo _('Modify');
             else echo _('Create');
            echo "</b></legend>\n";
            // display undo-button when editing a host
            if (isset($account_old)) {
                  echo "<input name=\"next_reset\" type=\"submit\" value=\""; echo _('Undo changes');
                  echo "\">\n";
            echo '&nbsp;<input name="create" type="submit" value="';
            if ($account_old) echo _('Modify Account');
            else echo _('Create Account');
            echo "\">";
            echo "</fieldset>\n";
            // Show fieldset where to save a new profile
            echo "<fieldset class=\"hostedit-dark\"><legend class=\"hostedit-bright\"><b>";
            echo _("Save profile");
            echo "</b></legend>\n<table border=0 width=\"100%\">\n<tr>\n<td width=\"50%\">";
            echo '<input name="f_finish_safeProfile" type="text" size="30" maxlength="50">';
            echo '&nbsp;<input name="save" type="submit" value="';
            echo _('Save profile');
            echo '"></td><td width="30%"></td><td width="20%"><a href="../help.php?HelpNumber=457" target="lamhelp">'._('Help');
            echo "</a></td>\n</tr>\n</table>\n</fieldset>";

      case 'finish':
            // Final Settings
            echo '<input name="select" type="hidden" value="finish">';
            echo "<fieldset class=\"hostedit-bright\"><legend class=\"hostedit-bright\"><b>"._('Note')."</b></legend>\n";
            if ($account_old) {
                  printf(_("Host %s has been modified."), $account_new->general_username);
            else {
                  printf(_("Host %s has been created."), $account_new->general_username);
            echo '<br><br>';
            if (!$account_old) {
                  echo '<input name="createagain" type="submit" value="'; echo _('Create another host'); echo '">';
            echo '<input name="outputpdf" type="submit" value="'; echo _('Create PDF file'); echo '">'.
                  '&nbsp;<input name="backmain" type="submit" value="'; echo _('Back to host list'); echo '">'.

// Print end of HTML-Page
echo '</form></body></html>';

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